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Krystle has been crafting stories since she was a kid, but she didn't take it seriously until she wrote her first monologue Guilt. She performed the eight-minute monologue for her forensics (public speaking!!!) and drama coaches without them knowing that she wrote it. They pushed her to submit it to Brooklyn Publishers and at 17 she signed her first contract with them. Since 2008 she has had a total of 10, 10-minute scripts accepted and published by Brooklyn Publishers and 5 of them are also sold by Brooklyn's sister company, Heuer Publishing. Script info can be found here
In addition to short scripts, Krystle has also written a full-length original musical, Hold please...I'm harvesting pineapple, which was her senior project at Belmont University.
Krystle's full-length play, The Missing Piece of Me was presented at Urban Stages as an AEA approved Staged Reading.
She is also working on a full-length musical with 18 songs and a few various other projects. 
In addition to writing songs and plays (and mostly caused by the inability her brain has to enjoy silence or "free time") Krystle has also written two companion novels (Day One and Nick's Story) and is working on a third unrelated novel. 
Day One:
If ‘Day One’ is supposed to be the day you die, what happens after that?
Ilse Sampson relives moments and important memories from her life in a non-linear fashion, aided by Elizabeth, a mysterious character with an agenda in this young adult novel, Day One.
If you had to go through your life in snippets of memories, what would be included? Good moments? Bad moments? Things that you wish you could relive over and over or freeze in time because they seem too perfect to only live through once? Ilse Sampson has the opportunity to live through her life a second time, filled with a mix of her memories in a non-linear timeline. She explores a variety of her memories with her family, her relationships past and present, and even encounters an addition to her life in the way of a mysterious character, Elizabeth, who wants nothing more than for Ilse to document the memories in terms of “days” (one memory equivalent to one day) so that Ilse won’t forget them. By uncovering the meaning of “Day One,” Ilse finds out the reason behind Elizabeth appearing in Ilse’s fixed memories. 


Nick's Story:
Nick's Story is a companion novel to Day One. Nick's Story looks at the relationship between Nick and Ilse from a linear account of his side of their story. 
Although she constantly seems to be editing, she is actively seeking representation and has full manuscripts available for both novels. 
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