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Hold please...I'm harvesting pineapple (1st half)


Hold please...I'm harvesting pineapple (2nd half)

Book, Music, and Lyrics by Krystle Henninger

Directors: Krystle Henninger and Rebekah Reimer
Stage Manager, Music Director, Sound Designer: Krystle Henninger
Assistant Stage Manager: Karin Haski
Accompanist: Alex Stefano
Set Designer: Chris Richey
Lighting Designer: Rebekah Reimer
Props Master: Brooke Mayberry
Costume Designers: Collaborative effort from cast          
Costume Coordinator and page turner: Zoe Wheatley
Light Board Operator: Dorian McQuaid


Mackenzie Mayer - Kristie
Casey Flyth - Brianna, Mom, Brittany, Valerie, Person 1, Dr. S
Karin Haski - Leah, Kristin
Chris Richey - PJ, Jason, Scott, Person 4, Wilson
Corwin Davis - Dr. A, Clark, Walter, Howard, Person 5, Kevin, Jake, Adam
Daniel Baumgardner - Kalvin, Peter, Phil, Dad, Keith, Mark
Sari Hoke - Betty, Laura, Angie
Jolinda Beck - Christine, Puppy, Stacy, Person 2, Megan, Lacy, Audrey
Tyler Rydosz - Dan, Grandpa, Person 3, Eddie, Luke, JD, Customer 2, Clark, Timothy
Katherine Hill - Lauren, Kara, Crystal, Renee, Maura, Samantha, Morgan
Sarah Edwards - Tara, Regina, Mamaw, Grandma, Tori
Kendall Keener - Jennifer, Carrie, Sharon, Cari, Person 6, Betsy, Sam, Ana, Ali, Customer 1, Dr. H
Krystle Henninger - Kristie’s Subconscious, Herself



***In the bobrauschenbergamerica performance scene, the opening excerpt by Charles Mee is used. 

***The Lightning Bug Song melody written by Matthew Rosenbaum

***Good Riddance (Time of Your Life) Written by Green Day



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